Pond Supplies by Sunland Water Gardens

Pond Filters: Fishmate Pressurized Filter Parts | FishMate Filters

Original Fishmate parts for your pressurized filter. Please order carefully as there are NO RETURNS for parts. Bucket and clamps are "Special Order" and are dropped shiped directly from the manufactuer and will take 10-14 days for delivery. Model 264 WITH 5w UV 500 gal (small canister) Model 265 WITH 9w UV 1000 gal (small canister) Model 270 NO UV 1000 gal (small canister) Model 266 WITH 9w UV 2000 gal (large canister) Model 267 WITH 13w UV 3000 gal (large canister) Model 271 NO UV

Pond Filters: Fish Mate Replacement Media (Bio Non Pressurzed Filter) | FishMate Filters

Replacement foam and brushes for Fish Mate compact, medium and large filters. This is NOT the media for the Fishmate Pressurized Filters whch can be found elsewhere on our site. Ani 245 foam fits Ani 226, Ani 227 Ani 228 Ani 246 fits Ani 236, Ani 237, Ani 238, Ani 239, Ani 240 and Ani 241 Ani 2805 Replacement brush fits Ani 228 Ani 4007 Replacement brush fits Ani 240 or Ani 241. Complete Service kits are no longer available. Order