Pond Supplies by Sunland Water Gardens

Pond Filters: XBeckett Submersible Pond Filter | Beckett Filters

This submersible filter is designed for easy maintenance and simplicity. It comes with a pump, filter media and three tier fountain. Includes a diverter/control valve and 2 extension tubes. Perfect for a small watergarden. For Ponds up to 700 gallons the filter includes a 325 gph Beckett pump. See all of our Submersible Pond Filters

Pond Filters: Replacement Pad for BF 350/700 and 950/1100 and 357 | Beckett Filters

This is the NEW Replacement filter media for the BF 350/700, 950/1100 or 357 submersible filter. The old individual filters pads are no longer being made by the manufacturer. This replacement filter combo pack is a great value. It is designed to fit the BF350, BF700, BF950 and BF1100 and the PF357 It contains 2 pieces approx 13" x 10" that are perforated in the middle and have holes on each side for the nozzle. You can cut or tear at