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Pond Maintenance: ClarityMax+ Plus Activated Barley Products | Pond Water Care

New, Barley Plus Bacteria and Enzyme blend from Crystal Clear combines the organic degrading powers of activated barley with the natural powers of quality beneficial bacteria and enzyme complex for maximum results in your pond ecosystem. Clarity Max Plus is designed to restore balance to the pond environment by breaking down organic debris. 2 oz treats 1000 gallons. Available in four sizes: 1#, 2.5#, 6# and 25# See our other barley straw products and other pond water treatment products.

Pond Maintenance: Mini Vac | Pond Water Care

Designed for use with a garden hose to easily remove silt and debris from pond bottom. Use this vacuum with your garden hose and a silt bag to remove small items and silt from pond bottoms. Kit includes silt bag, hose adapter, shut-off valve and snap-adapter for handle (ORDER HANDLE SEPARATELY BELOW). Includes brush attachment for use on vinyl, fiberglass or smooth plaster surfaces and a nozzle attachment with wheels for use on rough surfaces.