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Pond Filters: LAGUNA Pressure-Flo 700 Pressurized Filters

Pond Filters


LAGUNA Pressure-Flo Pressurized 700Filters

  Pressure-Flo 700 PT-1500 Laguna Pressure-Flo 700 UVC is for ponds up to 700 U.S. gallons (2500 L). Includes:
  • 11-watt UV lamp.
  • Filter foam.
  • Universal Click-Fit Fast Coupling for 1/4", 1" and 1-1/4" hosing.
High performance pressurized pond filters with integrated UV sterilizer/clarifier Laguna Pressure-Flo Filters are high performance water filtering systems that keep pond water clean and healthy. These all-in-one filters provide mechanical, biological* and UV sterilization and are designed to work in tandem with a solids handling pumps such as Laguna’s Max-Flo. They also

Pond Filter: Laguna PowerFlo 1000 External Biological Filter

Pond Filter

Laguna PowerFlo 1000

External Biological Filter

For ponds up to 1000 gallons, this spillway produces a 14-1/2” wide waterfall spillway. Solid, professional grade fiberglass construction. Includes foam filter. Can be installed in-ground or above-ground. Includes a 1-1/2” threaded bulkhead fitting. Bio media and pump not included. How the filter spillway works Water enters the filter spillway at the bottom of the unit and passes through the coarse media pad (included). The filter pad performs mechanical filtration, capturing dirt and debris. The pad also harbors friendly bacteria,