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Blue Tropical Water Lily: Margret Mary

Blue tropical water lily: Margret Mary

This beautiful lily was named after Lilypons own Margaret Koogle in 1964 by her Grandfather, George L. Thomas Jr, when she was only 2 years old. It is perfect for smaller ponds and ponds in partial shade. The flowers are very fragrant and once Margaret Mary starts to bloom it is rarely without a flower. Margret Mary is a medium sized tropical water lily. With 3 to 4-inch cup-shaped, then star-like, pale-blue blooms. 8-inch, deep-green, lightly

Blue Tropical Water Lily’s: Pamela

Blue tropical water lily: Pamela

The flowers of this hybrid introduced in 1931 by August Koch are large, sky-blue, saucer-shaped, with broad petals held high above the water's surface. Leaves are green, marbled brown Has a wonderful aromatic scent and flowers profusely Pamela it has sky blue flowers. 6 to 9 inches in diameter, saucer shaped, with broad petals and long peduncles holding them high above the water's surface. Leaves are green and marbled with brown. An excellent bloomer, long blooming season. Pamela tolerates

Purple tropical water lilies: Director Moore

Purple tropical Water Lilies: Director Moore

Director Moore is a beautiful addition to a pond of any size.   The deep violet blooms of this purple tropical water lily are outstanding made even more striking by its deeper hued stamens and bright golden center. It's compact, dark-green leaves repeat the blossoms’ color: flecked with purplish brown on top and pure purple beneath. Director Moore tropical water lily has a delightful fragrance, and is a profuse bloomer. Will stay open later in the day. more

Purple Tropical Water Lilies: Panama Pacific

Purple Tropical

Water Lilies:

Panama Pacific

Panama Pacific is a tropical, day-blooming water lily with deep plum colored blossoms and yellow stamens. It is an excellent, fragrant bloomer that is hardier than many other tropical water lilies. The Panama Pacific has viviparous bronze-green leaves with reddish mottling. This plant can spread up to 6-1/2' and is recommended to be in 12-30" of water in a 2 gallon or larger container. Panama Pacific is a very hardy tropical water lily that produces a lot of

Purple Tropical Water Lilies: Tanzanite

Purple Tropical

Water Lilies:


Nymphaea 'Tanzanite' was the Best New Waterlily of 2009 as awarded by the International Waterlily and Water Garden Association in their annual new waterlily competition. Deep violet purple flowers with over 50 petals are a highlight of this plant. Darker in color than any other purple waterlily on the market today its bright golden center offers a unique contrast to the overall color. Another interesting characteristic is the lively mottling of the pads on Nymphaea 'Tanzanite. Even without

Purple Tropical Water lily: Ultra Violet

Purple Tropical

Water lily:

Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet is a tropical water lily created by Florida Aquatic Nurseries. It has violet petals and maroon pads splashed with lighter maroon. It's was introduced in 2007.

'Ultra Violet Water Lily'

'Ultra Violet' is unique because it's flowers are deep purple, darker than Director Moore, the darkest purple on the market today. The flower stands tall and consist of 50 plus petals which gives it the unique fullness. This beautiful tropical water lily is a great addition to

Pink Tropical Water lilies: Madame Ganna Waslka

Pink Tropical

Water lilies:


Ganna Waslka

This beautiful Tropical Water lily was named after Ganna Walska (born Hanna Puacz on June 26, 1887 – March 2, 1984) was a Polish opera singer and garden enthusiast. She was married six times, four times to very wealthy husbands. The lavish promotion of her lackluster opera career by her fourth husband, Harold Fowler McCormick, inspired aspects of the screenplay for Citizen Kane. Madame Ganna Walska has large, stunning light pinky purple flowers with yellow centers have dark

Purple Tropical Water Lily: Midnight

Purple Tropical

Water Lily:


A very special 1941 George Pring hybrid. The unique blossoms are rich deep purple with golden centers, very fragrant and abundant. Note the center of the flower is distinctly different than most tropical water lilies. The center begins with small leaf-like petals and burst into a multitude of attractive petals. Leaves are numerous, dark green flecked reddish brown and purple beneath. Small specimens may actually be kept in large aquaria or small pools, but does provide