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Aquatic Plants: Yellow Lotus: Lutea Lotus

Aquatic Plants

Yellow Lotus

Lutea Lotus

The Lutea Lotus, also known as American Lotus, American Yellow Lotus, and the Water Chinaquin, produces vast numbers of larger, bright yellow blossoms. Each blossom measures up to 11 inches in diameter and has from 22 to 25 rich yellow petals with slightly lighter tips. These flowers reach several inches above the leaves and carry a slight fragrance. Lutea leaves can grow up to 18 inches in diameter and may grow up to 3 feet above the

Aquatic pond plants: Yellow Lotus: Perry’s Giant Sunburst

Aquatic pond plants: Yellow Lotus: Perry's Giant Sunburst

Perry's Giant Sunburst -Large creamy pale yellow blooms. Under ideal conditions grows 4-6ft. Flowers 10-12 inches. Leaves 16-18 inches. Free flowering, and pleasant fragrance. Lotus will do very well in a small container next to your fish pond.  If you are building a pond for your Lotus they grow best in shallow water unlike water lilies. You will not have to worry able large Koi eating lotus. Lotus are much to tough. Lotuses are found in white and pink