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Will a homemade pond filter work?

Will a homemade pond filter work??

I am asked all the time if a homemade pond filter will work. With some reservation I would have to say yes. Some people have a good amount of success making biological filters. They start out to be a bit cheaper but in many cases do not work or last quite as well. Having a good design is very important. [clear]

Important elements of homemade pond filters

The most important element

Do I really have to leave my pond pump and filter on 24 hours a day?

Do I really have to leave my pond pump and filter on 24 hours a day?

This is a question I get on almost a daily basis. Now I realize everyone wants to save a little money on electricity or they are trying to save the planet by conserving. But not on your Koi pond or your water garden- Please! We carry many, many pond pumps have we have chosen because they work well and are very energy efficient. In some cases electric companies