Sunland Water Gardens: Koi Ponds

Do you want a pond kit?

Do pond kits have everything you need?

[clear] We have people come to our shop looking for “Pond Kits” all the time. For some it makes the thought of building a pond much easier.

It will already have everything you need for a cookie cutter pond.

But do you really want a cookie cutter pond?? Maybe but more than likely -not. We try to discourage the one size fits all pond. Because everyone’s idea of a pond is different. It comes

Koi Ponds can Prevent West Nile Virus

Koi Ponds can Prevent West Nile Virus

There are many reasons that home owners might decide to install a Koi pond on their property. In addition to their unique beauty, they also bring a sense of tranquility to any area. The many different pond plants that can be incorporated along with the Koi give you more tools for creating the look that you prefer. It is easy to find the quality of assorted aquatic plants in Los

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