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Call us now. Pond Supplies in stock such as bog plants, Koi and Critters, Aquaponic Supplies, Water Lilies, Pond Fish, Aquatic Plants, Pond Pumps and much more!


Ponds & Water Gardens

  • We are a grower with an acre of thousands of 1, 2, and 5 gallon aquatic plants to choose from.
  • We import over 500 koi each week.
  • We help plan, design, build, and maintain ponds.
  • We give free friendly advice on all pond issues.
  • We are in stock on all pond supplies and do quick special orders.
  • We offer concise planning, building, and design services for your pond

The Pond Supply Experts

“The Original Experts in Ponds & Water Gardens”

Are you looking for assistance with the planning of your water gardens? From Santa Barbara to Los Angeles residents rely on Sunland Water Gardens for help with all stages of planning and design.  With thousands of aquatic plants, Southern California homes and businesses benefit from having a personalized look for their water gardens.  NO matter what you have in mind, we are eager to offer you access to our expert design services.  From start to finish, you can count on us for quality, creativity, and stunning results.  Find out more about the array of services you’ll find here.

Sunland Water Gardens Features:

Bog Plants:

Our Aquatic plants includes bog plants like Arrowhead, Bacoba, Cattail, Fairy Lily, Flowering Reed, Lizard Tail, Taro, Spider Lily, and many more.

Water Lilies:

You will find an array of lotus and water lilies including hardy water lilies, tropical water lilies, and lotus.

Pond Fish:

Enhance your Pond with the right pond fish for your pond.  At Sunland Water Gardens you will find a large variety of pond fish for your pond, like Koi including Asagi Koi, Hariwake Koi, Showa Koi, and Sanke Koi.

Koi and Critters:

Enhance your water gardens with Koi including Asagi Koi, Hariwake Koi, Showa Koi, and Sanke Koi. We also have critters like Albino CatfishAlgae Eaters, Bullfrog, Bullfrog Tadpoles, and Turtles.

Pond Supplies:

With the right pond supplies you can keep your pond in top shape with our array of pond supplies, including pond liners, pumps, filters, water clarifiers, food, chemicals, UV units and more.

Maintenance and Wholesale:

We also have access to wholesale sales and maintenance services for your pond or water gardens.

And More—We offer concise planning, building, and design services for your pond.

Sunland Water Gardens

Sanctuary for Turtles and Tortoises – California Turtle and Tortoise Club

Sanctuary for Turtles and Tortoises

Pond Talk

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The Pond Supply Experts

  • Jacklyn Rodman: Sunland Water Gardens Owner:

  • Jeff has been the manager & backbone of Sunland Water Gardens for over twenty years.

  • John Weisman has grown from the ground up with Sunland Water Gardens literally.

  • Wade Blair is our newest member of the Sunland Water Gardens team.

Call The Pond Experts - Sunland Water Gardens 818-353-5131

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